Causes Of Non-Cyclical Breast Pain


Causes Of Non-Cyclical Breast Pain

Most cases of non-cyclical breast pain are idiopathic, meaning that there is no identifiable cause. Sometimes it can be due to inflammation of the breast, non-cancerous breast lumps or breast infections. Rarely it is due to cancer.

Chest Wall Pain

Occasionally, pain in the chest wall can imitate breast pain as the breast “sits” on the chest wall. Any new or extensive physical activity can bring on muscle ache. Women are also prone to developing costochondritis, inflammation of the rib cartilage around the breast bone. Anti-inflammatory medication can help alleviate this self-limiting condition.


Your doctor will examine your breasts and requests for the appropriate breast imaging. If the pain is linked to your menstrual cycle, you may be asked to keep a record on when the pain occurs.

Treatment for cyclical breast pain

If you have cyclical breast pain, your doctor will reassure you that this is normal.

Dietary and lifestyle changes have shown to benefit women although there is no absolute evidence in the medical literature. Reducing intake of caffeine, nicotine, chocolate, red wine and fatty food helps some women overcome this.

Lifestyle changes to reduce stress such as relaxation therapy to promote the overall well-being may also be helpful.
Wearing a supportive bra of a proper fit is important.

Treatment for non-cyclical breast pain

Occasionaly, pain from other conditions such as heart attack or gallstones can be felt in the breast. This is known as referred pain. If this happens, your doctor will advise you on the most appropriate treatment.

Breast pain can be very distressing as most women fear that it is a sign of cancer. Understanding more about the changes in the breast can be reassuring to most women although it may not alleviate it completely. Having breast pain does not increase your risk of breast cancer, however, it is still important to be aware and consult the doctor if there are any new changes in the breast.