Breast Cancer Treatment


Breast Cancer Treatment

Is it dangerous to life?

Cancer is a disease which can be treatable. It is not a death sentence. Hence it is important to know about the seriousness of your disease which the specialist (breast surgeon) will help you go through.

I know someone who didn’t make it through cancer – will that happen to me?

The outcome of cancer treatment depends on the type of cancer and how advanced it is. Hence a patient with stomach cancer cannot be compared with that of a breast cancer patient for example. Treatment plans also differ for different patient profiles. Breast cancer when picked up in the early stage has fairly good outcome with holistic treatment.

Do I have to Lose my breast?

Surgical options can be discussed with the Dr Radhika. Depending on the size of the tumour relative to the breast size, option of removing the tumour and not the breast can be exercised. However in some women this will not be an option should the tumour be too large or other factors which do not favour breast conservation. Surgical advancements such as oncoplastic surgery which blends both cancer surgery and plastic surgical techniques have proved to improve the rates of breast conservation.

Is surgery adequate to treat my cancer?

Breast cancer treatment is multi-disciplinary. Successful treatment depends on the follow-through of combination of surgery followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal tablets. The variation in treatment will be tailored according to each individual patient profile. Not all breast cancers are treated the same way. Discussion of detailed treatment will be in conjunction with the different sub-specialties such as the breast surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist.