Fibroadenoma What is Fibroadenoma? Breast tissue is made up of lobules (milk producing glands) and ducts (tubes that carry milk to the nipple), which are surrounded by glandular, fibrous and fatty tissue. Fibroadenoma develop from a lobule. The glandular tissue and ducts grow over the lobule, forming a solid lump. Fibroadenoma are non-cancerous lumps in […]

Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer What is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is used to describe medications which help fight cancer. The medications can be administered in different ways. In breast cancer the common way is via your veins. A small plastic tube will be inserted into the vein to allow this method called intravenous chemotherapy. There are different […]

Causes Of Non-Cyclical Breast Pain

Causes Of Non-Cyclical Breast Pain Most cases of non-cyclical breast pain are idiopathic, meaning that there is no identifiable cause. Sometimes it can be due to inflammation of the breast, non-cancerous breast lumps or breast infections. Rarely it is due to cancer. Chest Wall Pain Occasionally, pain in the chest wall can imitate breast pain […]

Breast Pain

Breast Pain Breast pain is very common. Almost 80% of women will experience this sometime in their lives. It is reassuring to know that more than 90% of breast cancers are on the contrary painless on presentation. Causes of Breast Pain There are 2 main types of breast pain. Cyclical & Non-cyclical Cyclical Breast Pain […]

Breast Cysts

Breast Cysts What are breast Cysts? Breast cysts are fluid filled sacs. They are like little water balloons which develop naturally as the breast ages and change with the menstrual cycles. They are outpouchings of milk ducts and have a lining. These lining cells secrete the fluid. The fluid can be clear or coloured: yellow, […]

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment Is it dangerous to life? Cancer is a disease which can be treatable. It is not a death sentence. Hence it is important to know about the seriousness of your disease which the specialist (breast surgeon) will help you go through. I know someone who didn’t make it through cancer – will […]